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Currently, we envisage to develop the following categories. If you have any more suggestions, please mail them to us. We shall edit this page with time as needed, including all  new additions & good suggestions.

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  • Articles – All write ups in this category will be compiled by the blog author. It will be based on her : anecdotal observations ,vision of  the NGO , Intellectual responses to published articles ,constructive add-ons -&-thoughts on peers,  her entrepreneurial challenges and seminal ideas on dealing with social welfare issues that need attention en-masse. This would constitute major writing effort from the author’s repertoire.


  • Guest Writes – All articles written by any guest author that are in response to published articles on blog or any topics relevant to the blog’s ambit ,they shall be published in this category.


  • Innovation & Inspiration  – All posts in this category will be about mentioning, the inspirational & Innovative work by other evangelists & NGO Workers from the field of education or any other section in social welfare. We will occasionally try to bring out their silent contributions, their persona & ideas which has propagated noble agendas in India, towards an improved paradigm for social work. Category’s  fundamental Idea is to inspire the reader through a panoptic view of social works in India, accrue all ideas pertaining to a particular field,articulate  them & refine it for better effective solutions via a motley of inspirations. This category may quote snippets, re-blog published work, post entire articles, give analysis and laud the work of other heroes’ in society. Occasionally, we may add our personal viewpoint or incorporate response of our subscribers.


  • News & Events – all information related to Events and latest work of our NGO can be read in this category.


  • Newspaper Articles & References – All good news links ,good viewpoint articles & relevant information ,published in any esteemed newspaper column or educational magazine can be found here.


  • Photos, Videos & Links – All new media of our blog can be found in this category.


  • Special Contributions – We will occasionally mention all the help we get from organisations as : knowledge partners, personal assistance from social stalwarts in India, philanthropists or system solution provider in our noble journey. We would need all the help along the way and therefore this category shall serve as a chronological logbook of all the good Samaritan work


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Blog's Categories

Blog’s Categories