About the Blog

‘Nurturing  Hope’ is a blogging effort to accrue social empathy towards welfare of underprivileged in India.

The Blog ‘Nurturing Hope ‘, is named after our NGO’s educational scholarship for young students from underprivileged background.

Here, we will try to put our opinions variously, through : articles, networking & re-blogging, pictures, innovative works, outstanding contributors,  inspiring references and social events.

We wish to create and enhance mutual vision towards social welfare. All discussions, support and write-ups that can help to propagate this vision, they are most welcome.

Please join with us and put forth any suggestions to improve our blogging interface.

Thanks .

Nurturing Hope

Nurturing Hope

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Please go through our website, engage in discussion and contribution.

Thank you for visiting.


Nurturing Hope- cover photo

Nurturing Hope- cover 



A) For Any kind of suggestions & writing contributions,please mail us at

e: nurturinghope.wordpress@gmail.com , vishumishraa@gmail.com

B)For associating with our NGO’s work , visit page

Anurag Singh Charitable Trust

Anurag Singh Charitable Trust

FB : https://www.facebook.com/Anurag-Singh-Charitable-Trust-122733407821003/

C) If you have any query or need some assistance, you may write to the NGO  at

Postal mail: Anurag Singh Charitable Trust | Prakash Bhavan- 212 | North Office Para | Doranda, Ranchi| Jharkhand -834002.

E-mail : anuragscharitabletrust@yahoo.com






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